June 25th, 2017 
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City Of Toronto On Street Permit Parking

The permit parking program entitles permit holding residents to park their automobile on the street within a specified area exclusively during permit parking hours. This program generally services those residential areas where driveways and/or garages are not common.

Currently, the program is in effect in the communities of the former cities of Toronto, East York, and York and to a limited extent Etobicoke. Expansion of the permit parking program citywide, is under consideration.

Types of permits available and fees
Two types of permits are available in most areas: 6 & 12 month term resident-only permits; and, temporary resident or visitor permits.

  • 6 & 12 Month: Permits are issued to residents only on a six months basis although permits for two consecutive terms are available. Terms are from December to May and from June to November. All permits issued during a term will be effective until the end of that term.

    Permit fees vary according to a priority system based on need as reflected below:

    • No access to on-site parking for resident's first vehicle:
      $10.36/month plus GST

    • No access to on-site parking for resident's second and any subsequent vehicles:
      $25.91/month plus GST

    • Resident does have access to on-site parking (permit is for convenience):
      $36.28/month plus GST

  • Temporary (resident/visitor): Temporary parking permits may be obtained to provide weekly on-street parking within the limits of a permit parking street or area.

All fees are subject to annual fee increases based on the Consumer Price Index and subject to change without prior notice.

How to obtain a permit
(including application, required documentation and payment)

To obtain a permit, one must:

  1. Ensure that your street or area is designated for permit parking and spaces are available. To obtain more information - pparking@toronto.ca or call.

  2. Complete a form- http://www.toronto.ca/transportation/onstreet/pdf/permit_app.pdf

  3. Assemble photocopies of proper documentation. Proper documentation includes a valid vehicle registration and valid driver's licence containing your name and correct address. Other acceptable documents showing proof of residence include: formal lease agreement or utility bill; Purchase & Sale Agreement if the applicant is the owner of the property; Bank Statement/Credit card statement, etc.; and Change of address receipt from Canada Post.

    If there is currently parking on the property where you reside, you must provide evidence that you do not have access to it in order for you to obtain a permit at a lower fee. Such proof includes:

    For applicants who own the property: a photocopy of the ownership(s) of vehicle(s) registered to that address and parked on the property.

    For applicants who are tenants: a letter from the property owner stating that access to on-property parking is not available. If you live in an apartment, condominium, or town house, the letter should be on letterhead from property management.

  4. Determine appropriate payment.

  5. Choose acceptable method of payment:

    If purchasing in person: cash; credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express); debit card; and personal cheque or money order, made payable to "Treasurer, City of Toronto".

    If purchasing by mail: personal cheque or money order, made payable to "Treasurer, City of Toronto"

  6. Submit application, documentation and payment, in person or by mail to our office-pparking@toronto.ca

Certain streets and areas are wait-listed if there are no available parking spaces. To go on a waitlist, complete a form and submit to our office. Once the application is processed, you will be notified when a parking space becomes available.

Office locations:

TorontoEast York
City Hall
100 Queen St W
Main Floor, West Tower
Toronto ON, M5H 2N2
Tel: 416-392-7873
Fax: 416-392-1911
East York Civic Centre
850 Coxwell Ave
East York ON
M4C 5R1
Tel: 416-397-4480
Fax: 416-397-4582

York Civic Centre -
2700 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto ON
M6M 1V1
Tel: 416-394-2646
Fax: 416-394-2888
Etobicoke Civic Centre
399 The West Mall
Toronto ON
M9C 2Y2
Tel: 416-394-8419
Fax: 416-394-8942

Office hours of operation: Monday to Friday; 8:30am - 4:30pm

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